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Popular online sale2011rus shop is your best choose.Republican governor says he will sign it into law (Updates with Senate passage, Kasich to sign into law)

By Jo Ingles and Mary Wisniewski

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 30 (Reuters) - Ohio's legislature on Wednesday passed a Republican measure to curb the collective bargaining rights of about 350,000 state employees, and Governor John Kasich said he will sign it into law.

Its passage marks another success for Republicans who are pursuing measures in several U.S. states to limit the rights of public-sector unions. Unions are a key constituency of the Democratic Party.
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The bill, which also bans strikes by unions for public employees, was approved in the Ohio Senate late on Wednesday following its passage in the state House of Representatives earlier in the day.

Kasich, a Republican, did not indicate when he would sign the bill but he is expected to do so by Friday. When the bill is enacted, Ohio would become the most populous U.S. state this year to impose sweeping collective bargaining curbs on public sector unions.

Kasich said the bill will put taxpayers and public employees on a more equal footing regarding pay and benefits.

Similar measures have spurred protests in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Michigan and other states.

Ohio Democrats hope to put the new law on the ballot for a referendum vote in November in an effort to overturn it.

"The wheels are in motion" for a referendum battle, said State Senator Joe Schiavoni, a Democrat. "They're trying to take away these union members' rights."

"I'm hopeful and I feel confident that at the end of the day the referendum will overturn the law," he said.

During the debate, some Republicans said changes from an earlier version of the bill, including a modification that allowed police and firefighters to bargain collectively for safety equipment, improved it.

"The bill we have on the floor today has some blemishes but addresses major problems in the collective bargaining process," said State Representative Michael Henne, a Republican.Healthy products cheap power balance sale

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A sustained counterattack by Libyan government troops sent overmatched rebel fighters fleeing eastward for almost 100 miles Tuesday, erasing many of the weekend gains by opposition forces attempting to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.Fashion hairpieces for sale cheap
Panicked and badly rattled, hundreds of rebels sped away from the front to escape fierce rocket barrages by Gadhafi's soldiers and militiamen. Rebel gun trucks raced three abreast and jostled madly for position on a coastal highway choked with retreating fighters and civilians. At one point, rebels surrendered 70 miles of terrain in just four hours.
It was a humiliating rout for a volunteer fighting force that had advanced 150 miles in 24 hours over the weekend behind allied airstrikes that pummeled government troops and armor. Many rebels had spoken confidently of marching on Tripoli, the capital, buoyed by false news reports Monday that their forces had captured Gadhafi's hometown garrison of Sirte.glitters 70% off for wholesale jewerly make people love
But by Tuesday afternoon, those same rebels were in headlong retreat from Bin Jawwad, which they had seized only Sunday. Many fled 25 miles east to Ras Lanuf, the oil city captured by the opposition Saturday. By nightfall, the city and its refinery were under government assault as the rebel retreat spilled farther east.
The swift battlefield reversal underscored the mercurial nature of the war in the east, where neither side seems strong enough to vanquish the other.a month of fighting has raged back and forth across a 220-mile stretch of coastal wasteland in a nation with a coastline of nearly 1,100 miles.
The headlong retreat from Bin Jawwad marked the second time in just 23 days that government forces had routed rebels there. The town is on the fault line between eastern and western Libya, with several tribes in the area split between the two sides.Fashion and designer 2011 designer dresses for sale for sale online
By nightfall Tuesday, some rebel gun trucks had retreated all way east to Uqaylah, 45 miles from Ras Lanuf -- and nearly 120 miles from the spot where rebels had advanced to within 50 miles of Sirte 24 hours earlier.
Among those fleeing were rebels driving trucks mounted with the opposition's most effective weapons: 106mm artillery, heavy machine guns and recoilless rifles. Rebels firing behind sand dunes shouted at them to turn around, but they ignored them and sped east.


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The shipment of dirty laundry arrived Monday morning as advertised. In fact, the federal courthouse in San Francisco might need to be fumigated after the testimony of Kimberly Bell in the Barry Bonds perjury trial.
Bell, Bonds' former mistress, Popular online sale shop is your best choose. spent almost six hours on the witness stand. She testified about Bonds' alleged steroid use, his shrinking male body parts, his back acne, the house he helped her buy in Arizona -- and as a special sordid bonus, the concept of "wife cities" and "girlfriend cities" in baseball road-trip culture.
I could be wrong. But in catching glances at Bonds throughout the day, I detected for the first time a realization in his face of what a tornado he has created.
Long ago, I learned that it's impossible to get into the man's head. But at long last, Bonds may at last be realizing how his self-created tornado has done so much damage to the baseball community Bonds purportedly loves and respects. At a certain level, he must wonder whether his decision was worth the toxic and sad debris it has left behind.Healthy products power balance wholesale online

Monday morning, for instance, Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy was forced to nervously testify under oath about how Bonds' hat size increased during his time with the team. Murphy looked as if he'd rather be eating Brian Wilson's beard. Then came the grimy Kimberly Bell onslaught. In the day's lowlight, she testified that Bonds once threatened her by saying he would "cut out my breast implantsbecause he paid for them."
For the record, during Bell's testimony, she wore a conservative gray suit, a white blouse and a don't-back-down-or-pin-me-down attitude. At one point, she more or less implied that all major leaguers are unfaithful husbands.
This occurred when Bell was asked about her trips to meet Bonds on the road and how she became disappointed that she couldn't go along to the "wife cities" when players brought along their spouses and could only go to "girlfriend cities" when the mistresses were flown in or players would go out and pick up women. (Current major league players can expect some nasty questions from their wives when they see those quotes.)
Bell was questioned aggressively by defense attorney Cristina Arguedas, a 5-foot-2 woman who caustically kept trying to goad Bell into peevish answers. She often succeeded. However, Arguedas never pushed Bell into an admission that she was angry enough at Bonds to tell lies about him.Fashion buy cheap wigs cheap
In one wicked exchange, Arguedas asked about a website post that Bell wrote after Bonds broke up with her a few years into his second marriage. In the post, Bell railed about "an ugly whore from Vegas" with whom she accused Bonds of dallying during his relationship with Bell.


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"I am determined to get to the bottom of this situation for the safety of the traveling public," FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said in a statement Thursday. "As a former airline pilot, I am personally outraged that this controller did not meet his responsibility to help land these two airplanes."

Neither United Flight 628 nor American Flight 1012 was in any danger during Wednesday's communications breakdown, federal officials said. Still, the incident stirred debate over appropriate staffing levels following a rash of safety incidents that were linked to overworked or distracted controllers.

The NTSB in a safety recommendation Monday urged the FAA to bar controllers from supervisory duties while performing air traffic duties. A Chicago Tribune report in early March detailed an increase in errors at O'Hare International Airport as distracted veteran controllers trained new hires.

The miscue at Reagan National renews attention on airport towers staffed by a single controller, who is susceptible to distractions or drowsiness. Such staffing situations have been linked to at least two fatal accidents in the last 15 years.

Two small aircraft collided over Lake Michigan in 1997, killing five people, after the sole controller in the Meigs Field tower was distracted by an emergency involving a third plane. In 2006, 49 people died when a Comair flight crashed in Lexington, Ky., after the single controller on duty failed to notice that the commuter jet was taking off from the wrong runway.

"One-person shifts are unsafe. Period," said Paul Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, which is urging the FAA to boost hiring of front-line, fully certified air traffic controllers.

In response to the Reagan communications lapse, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood asked Babbitt to study staffing levels at control towers around the country and directed the FAA to place a second controller on the job during the early morning hours at Reagan, which lies on the Potomac River close to the heart of downtown Washington.

LaHood's actions drew fire from U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He questioned the need to hire an additional controller at Reagan and said he would urge the aviation subcommittee to investigate this and other mishaps.

"Unfortunately, the administration's call for increased staffing at Reagan National, when there are no flights during the early morning hours, is a typical bureaucratic response," Mica said in a prepared statement.

Safety and industry officials said it is rare for a big-city airport such as Reagan to operate with a single controller even during the midshift, spanning 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., when air traffic is light.

Neither of Chicago's major airports is ever manned by a sole controller, said Elizabeth Isham Cory, an FAA spokeswoman.

In O'Hare's tower, three fully trained and certified front-line controllers are assigned to work the midshift, as well as a supervisor, according to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Midway Airport keeps two front-line controllers on duty, as do New York's three major airports.

But two other FAA-operated towers in the greater Washington area rely on a single person during overnight hours: Andrews Air Force Base and Richmond, Va., the air traffic group said. Washington Dulles International Airport keeps two controllers on duty during the midshift.Eyewear buy fashion chanel sunglasses online sale
Reagan's controllers handle very little overnight traffic as a result of a noise abatement program. But newer aircraft outfitted with quieter engines are scheduled to land after midnight, including American's flight from Miami, which was slated to arrive at the gate at 12:25 a.m.

That light load likely would have made it tougher for the controller to battle fatigue, said John Goglia, an airline safety consultant and former member of the NTSB.

"The worst thing when you're tired is to have nothing to do," he said.

But the otherwise empty skies over the nation's capital likely made it easier for Potomac TRACON controllers to safely bring the United and American jets in for landing,Sillicone slap watches wholesale for sale online

"National is probably the best place for that to have happened," Goglia said. "They could know with certainty that there were no other planes around them. It is very restricted air space."Sillicone slap watches for sale online


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One year ago, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama.
A year later, Republicans are still criticizing the costs of the measure and the perceived impact on business, while the White House and Missouri Democrats are focusing on the publicly supported aspects of the law.Popular online sale2011rus shop is your best choose.
The White House says in Missouri alone, 950,000 Medicare recipients can receive coverage for preventative care, more than 90,000 small businesses can receive tax credits to help cover insurance costs, nearly 20,000 young adults can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are age 26, and 185 community health centers in the state could benefit from allocated funds.
Still, nearly 59 percent of Americans in a new CNN poll say they oppose the law, a number Republicans are capitalizing on, pointing to costs and mandates associated with the reform.handsome oakley sunglasses 2011 online sale
“As we mark the first anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare, it’s clear that Missourians have rejected this onerous and costly law,” said U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) “The President and Democrat leaders in Washington disregarded the will of the voters and rammed this massive bill into law, and now families and job creators nationwide are paying the price.”
Blunt released a campaign-style web video to mark the anniversary, featuring various Missouri business owners and operators expressing their disapproval with the law.
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a Kansas City Democrat and Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, contends the Affordable Care Act has significantpositives for minority communities.handsome oakley sunglasses online sale
“There is not a single section of the Affordable Care Act that does not have a significant and positive impact for African Americans and all minority communities,” Cleaver said to a conference call with reporters Tuesday. “[O]ne of the things that I think is critically important that we can’t say enough is that it provides vital protection for those with preexisting conditions and insuring dependent coverage as well as preventative services and care.”
Cleaver’s colleagues in the House have passed a bill to overturn the Affordable Care Act, something Blunt says he will continue to fight for in the Senate. Democrats say Republicans are fighting the “political battles of the past.”

The judge said Congress should ultimately decide

The judge said Congress should ultimately decide who should be entrusted with guardianship over orphan books and under what terms, rather than the issue being resolved by private, self-interested parties.
He said Congress could address concerns of the international community of authors and publishers. He called it significant that foreign authors, publishers and even nations were saying the agreement violates international law. France and Germany had objected to the deal, along with authors and publishers in Austria, Belgium, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
Department of Justice spokeswoman Gina Talamona said in a statement that the government was pleased with the ruling.
The settlement, she said, "exceeded the scope of the underlying lawsuit on which it was based and created concerns regarding antitrust, class certification and copyright issues."
The president of the Authors Guild, an advocate for writers' interests in copyright protection and other issues, said the organization planned to talk with publishers and Google "with the hope that we can arrive at a settlement within the court's parameters that makes sense for all parties."
Guild President Scott Turow said the online library was "an idea whose time has come."
"Readers want access to these unavailable works, and authors need every market they can get," he said. "There has to be a way to make this happen. It's a top priority for the Authors Guild."
John Sargent, chief executive officer at Macmillan Publishers Limited, noted in a statement on behalf of publisher plaintiffs that the judge had invited the parties to request approval of a revised deal if they can reach one. He said the publishers were prepared to modify the deal and work to overcome the judge's objections.
He said the publishers wanted to "promote the fundamental principle behind our lawsuit, that copyrighted content cannot be used without the permission of the owner or outside the law."
The Open Book Alliance, a group that includes Google rivals Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc. and ., called the ruling "a victory for the public interest and for competition in the literary and Internet ecosystems."
Attorney Cynthia Arato, representing a number of leading foreign publishing societies and foreign book publishers that objected to the settlement, said it vindicates the important concerns of foreign rights holders.
"Their interests weren't adequately protected," she said. "It would be wrong for a U.S. court to allow one company to usurp their fundamental right to control their copyrighted works."
The judge acknowledged in his decision that there are many benefits to Google's project, including that libraries, schools, researchers and disadvantaged populations would gain access to far more books; that authors and publishers would find new audiences and new sources of income; and that older books — particularly those out of print — would be preserved and given new life.
The case developed after Google in 2004 announced it had agreed with several major research libraries to digitally copy books and other writings in their collections. The authors and publishers sought financial damages and a court order to block the copying when they sued Google in 2005 after Google failed to obtain copyright permission to scan the books.
A deal was first reached to settle the claims in 2008 and was tentatively approved by the judge in November 2009.
Since presiding over a hearing on the case in February 2010, the judge has been elevated to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He acted in the role of a district judge to rule on the case.
At the hearing last year, the judge heard a lawyer for folk singer Arlo Guthrie and "Pay it Forward" writer Catherine Ryan Hyde say the library would exploit his clients with "woefully inadequate compensation" for "unknown and undisclosed uses."
Microsoft lawyer Tom Rubin said the deal "was structured to solidify Google's dominance."
Neither lawyer immediately returned requests seeking comment Tuesday.
Google lawyer Daralyn Durie testified at the hearing that fewer than 10 million of 174 million books in the world would be affected by the settlement and that 5 million of those affected were out of print. Google has estimated that about 130 million titles likely would get into its digital library.


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Both members of a U.S. fighter jet crew were rescued in eastern Libya after their F-15E Strike Eagle malfunctioned and crashed, the U.S. military said Tuesday, as fighting between rebels and loyalist Libyan forces continued around the strategic eastern town of Ajdabiya and in two towns in western Libya.
It was the first reported mishap to befall the U.S.-led coalition seeking to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, and it came as friction intensified within the alliance over how far the campaign of airstrikes should go and who should take the lead.China called for a cease-fire to avert “humanitarian disasters” after three nights of coalition strikes on Libyan military targets. The government of longtime leader Moammar Gaddafi claims the strikes have inflicted significant civilian casualties, a charge denied by U.S. officials.
The government has presented no evidence to reporters in Tripoli that the strikes have killed civilians. On Tuesday, officials took journalists to a Tripoli harbor to see a cluster of bombed warehouses that appeared to have contained military hardware.
In one warehouse, four mobile missile launchers had been destroyed by a direct hit, and a multiple-barreled rocket launcher outside was also destroyed. A naval captain, Abdul Bassit, told reporters no one had been killed in the attack overnight Monday because officials suspected it may have been targeted and evacuated the site.
The U.S. fighter jet crashed late Monday in a field after the pilot and navigator ejected, the U.S. military said in a statement.
U.S. Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III, commander of the joint task force enforcing the no-fly zone, told Pentagon reporters from his flagship USS Mount Whitney in the Mediterranean that both airmen were safely whisked out of the country.hot sale ghd hair straighteners
“One crew member was recovered by coalition forces,” he said. “The other crew member was recovered by the people of Libya. He was treated with dignity and respect [and] is now in the care of the United States.”
Locklear blamed the crash on “an equipment malfunction” during a “strike mission against Gaddafi regime missile capabilities.” In response to questions, he refused to comment on a British news report that a Marine Osprey aircraft opened fire on villagers approaching one of the downed airmen, killing five of them. He said there would be a “complete investigation” of the incident, adding that “the recovery mission from my perspective was executed as I would have expected it to be, given the circumstances.” He added that the Libyans who recovered one of the downed airmen treated him for “minor” injuries and “ensured he had medical care.”
News photographs showed Libyans clambering over the smoldering wreckage of the plane outside the town of Bu Maryam 24 miles east of the rebel capital of Benghazi.
On Tuesday, Gaddafi’s forces continued to shell rebels who were trying to regroup in the desert dunes outside the strategic eastern city of Ajdabiya, the Associated Press reported.
A doctor in the western town of Misurata, 130 miles east of Tripoli, said in an e-mail that bombardments were continuing there as well.
“The humanitarian situation is very dire,” he wrote. “The situation in the local hospital is disastrous,” with doctors facing exhaustion, running out of medicine and medical equipment and water and electricity in short supply.
Aboard the USS Mount Whitney, Locklear, who commands U.S. naval forces in Europe and Africa, said coalition strikes have rendered Gaddafi’s air-defense systems and air force “largely ineffective.” But he said government ground forces “are not yet in compliance with the U.N. Security Council resolution” authorizing military intervention in Libya because of what he said were continuing attacks on civilians.hot sale GHD iv styler MK4 benefit

Locklear said the coalition is “aware of the difficulties” facing residents of Misurata. He refused to comment on “future operations” but indicated that action would be forthcoming under the U.N. resolution and President Obama’s directive that Gaddafi’s forces must pull back from Benghazi, Ajdabiya, Misurata and Zawiyah.
“My intelligence tells me that there are Gaddafi forces in Misurata. They are conducting attacks against civilians in Misurata and in violation of the Security Council resolution,” Locklear said. “I’m not going to talk about future operations, but I am aware of it, and we are considering all options.”
Asked about Ajdabiya, Locklear said Obama “was pretty clear” in his March 18 speech laying out his demands. Those included “that the regime forces of Gaddafi have to stop advancing on Benghazi, they have to pull back from Zawiyah, Ajdabiya, Misurata,” Locklear said. “They have not done that. Benghazi, we have basically have forced him out of Benghazi. In the other three places, they have not complied with the direction from our president. So when I take a look at . . . my mission here, I apply that type of standard to operations that are occurring.”
Now that the no-fly zone has been expanded, Locklear said in response to questions, coalition aircraft will carry out more “time-sensitive targeting . . . of Gaddafi’s forces that are not complying with the U.N. Security Council resolution.” He indicated this would occur in “the coming hours and days. “
Locklear also said the coalition is conducting psychological or “information operations” aimed at Gaddafi’s ground forces, but he declined to elaborate.Popular online sale2011rus shop is your best choose.
In Moscow, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said that “significant military fighting” in Libya “should recede in the next few days.”


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If you told most Purdue fans that the Boilers would turn the ball over only seven times and score 76 points, they would all start packing for the Sweet 16.

Instead, they are packing for the short drive back to West Lafayette after a 94-76 pasting by Virginia Commonwealth.
Before each half, every team in America at every level goes through the layup line, but that drill has never been more important for a team that it was for the

Rams on Sunday night. VCU, which is known more as a 3-point shooting team, broke down Purdue’s once-formidable defense repeatedly, getting to the rim

for 21 layups or dunks. Twenty-one!
And it could have been worse. The Rams actually missed another dozen, meaning 33 of their 65 shots on the game came at the rim. Ten of those came in

the first half. I thought I saw a little more intensity in the layup line at halftime.
VCU coach Shaka Smart who wear power balancesaid the plan was to attack the basket, but he also thought JaJuan Johnson might make that possible.
"It's a combination of the way we've been playing, which has been a very aggressive style, an attacking style," Smart said, when asked how his team got to

the rim so easily. Also, "[Johnson] doesn't commit a lot of fouls. So we wanted to really go at him inside and their other bigs and see if he was going to

stand up to us and foul, or let us shoot layups."
Johnson knows he has to stay on the floor. He’s too big to fail for Purdue. So, he tries to block shots while keeping his body away from contact. It’s

something at which he excels. He got his hands on three of VCU's shots, but most of them went around and over him. And in.
Even guys who don’t play much, like Juvonte Reddic and D.J. Haley, both freshmen, had big games. Reddic scored 12 points in only ten minutes and Haley

added six in nine minutes. And of course, almost all of those points came in the paint.
Rams point guard Joey Rodriguez was the guy to make all this happen. The team had a remarkable 26-4 assist-to-turnover ratio. Rodriguez ran the offense

flawlessly, with 11 assists and no turnovers. He got the ball to the right guy at the right time pretty much every time. He also had 12 points, so sometimes,

he was the right guy at the right time.
"[Rodriguez] was the difference in the game," Purdue coach Matt Painter who manager power balance wholesale online said. "He ran the team. He found shooters. He found guys diving. We just had a difficult time getting him corralled and getting him stopped."
For Purdue's seniors, it was a rough end to their college careers. Johnson had a generally good game, with 25 points and 14 boards, but it could have been

even bigger. He missed a lot of relatively easy shots he normally would make, especially in the first half.
Moore never really found a rhythm, thanks in part to Ed Nixon's defense. He finished with 10 points on 5-of-15 shooting, and missed several shots that

Purdue fans are used to seeing fall.
Perhaps the most despondent senior was the one who sat on the bench in street clothes. Injured star Robbie Hummel was inconsolable for quite a long time

after the game. He missed the entire season with a torn ACL, which occurred on the second day of practice. It was the same knee in which he tore an ACL

last February, costing him the end of last season.
Had Hummel remained healthy, many people think Purdue would have had a great shot at their second successive Final Four. Certainly, he feels that way.

After the game, Painter said about Hummel, "The things that have happened to him, you couldn't control. That's a tough pill to swallow. You still carry some

guilt even though you couldn't control it, like if I could have been out there helping those guys, maybe this wouldn't have happened. So I think you have a lot

of honest feelings at this time. He feels for E'Twaun and JaJuan."online sale- movado watches,2011 oakley sunglasses,power balance,coach handbags
Hummel will try again next season, but for now, it will be the Rams moving on to San Antonio for their first Sweet 16, which was the team's goal entering

the tournament. Coach Smart isn't worried about a letdown. "These guys are hungry guys. Joey’s nuts. He wants to win the whole thing."